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Biology 114 (Biology I  Lab ) ESU  - click on link


Human Biology Evaluations-Bloomsburg University

- “Has incredible knowledge, as well as ability to put that knowledge into a practical context...
   Dr. Spevak rates among the best professors I’ve taken at this institution”
- “I never learned more, or understood the material as well in any other bio course ever”
-“He is my best professor this semester...I really enjoyed his class and his style of teaching!”
-“This professor was very good and I enjoyed seeing his love for teaching and the material
he taught”
-“very knowledgeable. Good format. Tests came right from lecture notes”
-“I felt he was an enthusiastic instructor who taught well. I learned a lot this semester”
-“Good stuff. Knew the material and got it across well”
• “very organized, I liked the powerpoints and how they were available to us on his web site”
• “very helpful to have notes online so you could listen and follow each lecture and get notes down later!”
• “really liked the notes online :& the study guides before tests were very helpful”
• “Enjoyable class. Learned a lot.”
• “did a great job teaching a lecture course like this one with so many students in it.Thank you!”
• “excellent job with the course. I would take a class with Alan Spevak,Ph.D. again.”
• “his power point presentation slides were easy to follow, and very helpful.
They were neat and designed nice.”
• “very good job!”

I liked how the notes were online so if I missed something I could access it online
I thought this class was very useful & well taught
I really enjoyed this class
very good instructor, I learned a great deal from taking this class

Anatomy & Physiology II Evaluations - Bloomsburg University
• “He did a good job with the course. My knowledge of the subject mater has greatly increased.”
• “He did a lot of work to help the students learn”
• “Dr. Spevak was very helpful and explained everything precisely”
• “Enjoyed this class. Did well.”
• “Dr. Spevak was always willing to go over material and help students in classroom and individually”
• “I enjoyed this lecture and instructor”
• “I liked his exams...made me learn the information better”
• “liked notes put on the internet”
• “notes very clear and self explanatory”
• “I liked how you knew everyone’s name even if you didn’t have them for lab”
• “job well done, thank you”