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                          Student Evaluation Comments Bio 114 labs (bio majors intro bio) Ė Fall 2005 ESU
(These comments are part of the public record and can be verified by authorized individuals;
                                   all entries were taken verbatim from the written comments by students)

"Dr. Spevak is an excellent instructor. He does a good job of teaching and is very knowledgeable."

"Dr. Spevak seems to care that we understand the information. He is helpful and friendly in lab when needed."

"Good guy. Good teacher. Good lab. Good grade. What else could I ask for? "

"You are a star!"

"Very cordial. Intelligent. Teaches well. Great class :)"

" I very much enjoyed being taught by you as you were very informed and had a positive impact on my learning"

"Dr. Spevak makes the lab easy to understand and explains the material well to the students and makes every question

                        asked seem important and is very interested in science."

"He is a very good professor; heís fun to be around. I really enjoy going to his class...He is just overall a great,

                    nice, genuine person and I would enjoy taking his class again."


"...if I had to take one professor for the rest of my college experience, it would be you. You know how to make your

                students feel at home and create an awesome learning environment. I love you!!!"

"He is awesome. My favorite teacher here. Don't change a thing, your system works. Dr. Spevak I wish you

                                were my teacher for all of my science classes, lectures and lab."

"Dr. Spevak is a very helpful and insightful instructor. I plan on taking him again."

"Class was very productive and well-prepared. Spevak for President"

"Dr. Spevak is one of the best lab instructors in the university."

" I [heart] Professor Spevak"

"Awesome guy. Fun time."

"Dr. Spevak is really a good instructor. He knows what he is teaching and is well prepared.

                            I prefer every lab instructor and lecturer to be like him."

"I enjoyed the lab, but Dr. Spevak made the class a lot better. I only hope all my future

                lab instructors could be like him!"

"...Heís very well prepared and creates a welcoming atmosphere for his class. I enjoy his lab very much!!"

"The lab was a great class in my opinion. Dr. Spevak cared about us learning the underlying theories

instead of just doing the labs to get them over with...I would definitely recommend him to other students."



"...he has a good sense of humor and is close to his students. I feel like I have learned a great deal from

            Dr. Spevak, not only academically but in other ways as well."

"Dr. Spevak is a great professor. He helped me to better understand this subject."

"Well organized. Teaches the class with a good attitude, and still gets all work done. Class is enjoyable"

"Professor Spevak is a good teacher! I would recommend him to anyone taking biology. He is always

            willing to answer questions and help."

"Professor Spevak is a very helpful laboratory instructor...He is also very clear about what to do in lab."

"Very understanding and explains anything that is not clear."

"...Great teacher and thatís why Iím taking him in Bio II."

"Professor Spevak explains things very thoroughly. He always helps the students whenever he can.

                He also tries to make the course interesting."

"Dr. Spevak cares a lot about how each student performs in his class. He makes sure everyone does   

                their best."



"The labs are very well run, informative, and fun."

"Dr. Spevak cares about his students in not only their success in this course but in understanding the

                concepts of biology. He shows great interest in helping his students do well during lab."

"Excellent, professor is competent, informative, and funny. He explains material clearly and helps

                with any problems."

"Dr. Spevak was a fun professor... I really enjoyed this professor."

"Labs are always interesting and fun; really good professor."

"Best lab teacher ever."

"You help make what can be confusing material into something thatís interesting and fun to learn

                about. I am excited to take a lab with you next semester."

"Dr. Spevak is amazing! He is tons of fun in lab but still makes you learn and makes double sure you

                understand everything."